Climb On: Trip Reports

RIGHT: At home in the bouldering pit at Diablo Rock Gym. You can tell Jonathan was using appropriate spotting technique.

Climbing. It's a sport we picked up together shortly after we began dating in 2003. I highly recommend that couples just starting out take a stab at the sport together. Climbing requires time, trust, respect, sensitivity, and constant verbal communication. There is no better way to bond with one another. 

For the first few years, we stuck to the plastic. Our membership at Diablo Rock Gym in Concord, California was a necessary expenditure every month. Eventually, following the organic progression of climbing, we moved outdoors. In California, that meant easy access to all types of rock almost year-round.

Moving to Norway forced us into an unintentional year-long sabbatical from climbing, but we're finally getting back into it. We'll be in the gym until winter draws to a close, of course, but then we'll be running out to see what the outdoor climbing options are in our new home country. In the meantime, to keep our spirits up and motivated, I'm going to do some long overdue chronicling of our past climbing adventures together. 

I hope that these trip reports are helpful to beginning rock climbers, in particular, because the routes I've climbed outside have all been pretty easy. Outdoor climbing can be intimidating, but if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Trip Reports

Thumbnail image for leaningtowerofpizza_07.jpg
Style: Sport Climbing
Level: Easy (5.6, 5.7)
Single Pitch

Style: Top Rope
Level: Easy (5.4, 5.7, 5.8)
Single Pitch

Style: Sport Climbing/Trad Climbing (final pitch only)
Level: Easy/Moderate (5.7)

Other climbing-related writing:

My essay Between Stone and Air, the story of my second ascent of Hermaphrodite Flake on Stately Pleasure Dome in Yosemite National Park, was published in issue 6.1 of Forge magazine.

The digital version of my essay has been available since July, and now the paperback hard copy of the magazine is available for purchase ($12.99). The issue includes short stories, essays, and quite a few terrific poems.
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